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Students Doing Science

Science Knights is a science fair; gathering students to demonstrate their individual science projects in a competitive environment.

Above: Jade Lebailly (grade 8, 2008) explains her experiment: "The Affect of Temperature on Bean Seed Germination."

Science Knights

~  16 February 2012 ~

Gyeonggi Suwon International School

at 6:30 pm

Youngtong, Suwon, Korea

phone:  82.031.695.2800


Science Knights is a Middle School science fair in which students demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a celebratory and competitive event.  Each student: (1) Selects a topic, (2) Designs and completes an independent experiment, (3) is graded academically by their classroom teacher, then (4) presents their results using a trifold display in a simulated professional environment (ie. Science Knights) which is science celebration and competition*.  

*Note: academic performance is not dependent on, nor related to, a students success in the the competition.


Who?  This is a mandatory event for all GSIS students in grade 6-8.

What?  In an open house format, student present displays and project to parents & visitors.  Judges also patrol the event, interviewing students, observing their presentations and scoring their quality.

When? Student may enter the auditorium from 6:30 pm and later and have 30 minutes to set up their projects.  Doors will open to visitors at 6:30 pm.

Where?  At GSIS auditorium, Young-tong, Suwon, Korea

Why?  (1) To provide students an opportunity to showcase their understanding of science process, 

(2) celebrate science learning and achievement, 

(3) invite parents to observe their students' success!  

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