Choosing a Project

Every student should complete an experiment which they will present in a science fair called Science Knights.  Science fair judging will not affect academic grade; however participation is mandatory.

1- Experiment

2 - Investigation

o Is the subject of the project interesting to me?

o Are the necessary materials and equipment available?

o If some materials must be purchased, can I afford them?

o Has my Science teacher approved the project?

o Have I made a preliminary investigation?

o Do I have the ability to proceed successfully with the project?

o Is the scope of the project narrow enough for me to complete the project on time?

o Are the Science activities in the project safe for both others and me?

o Will I be using the methods of Science to try to solve the problem?

o Does my project fall within the marking scheme and general regulations?

All ten of these questions must be answered positively before going ahead with a

project. If even one questions is answered 'no' then don't proceed with the project.

The best way to choose a project topic is by asking yourself interesting questions. Try to

think of things that have puzzled you or things that you have wondered about such as:

o Do shower baths use more water than tub baths?

o Do girls have a faster reaction time than boys?

o Is gelatin with pineapple in it as hard as gelatin with oranges in it?

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