3. Demonstration (except 2009)

Below is a project I have done in the past about electricity for students.  The demonstration guidelines will not look exactly like this, but this does give you a feel and idea for what kind of demonstrations you may be able to do for Science Knights.

REQUIREMENTS:  Please Read Carefully...

1)  Demonstration must include a three dimensional, functional model which must be at least 30 cm in one dimension.  For award purposes, model must "do something" and not be only a static representation; it needs to have some moving parts.  For award purposes, static models will be ranked below models with moving parts.

2)  Model must be constructed by student who is presenting the project.  For award purposes, models constructed with assistance will be ranked below models constructed by the students without assistance.  Discrimination will be made by the judges according to their personal subjective opinion - there is no process for appeals.

3)  Kits may not be used for the model.  Models must be the invention, creation and production of the student.

4)  Student should research their topic in order to provide visual information about their demonstration as well as to be able to discuss and explain their project to visitors.

5)  Students must have evidence of research in their project, including references.

6)  Student will produce a tri-fold display to support their demonstration.  See recommendations for display in the links, above.

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