Scheduling the time your experiment will take is important. Plan on finishing your project two weeks before the science fair so that you can practice your presentation several times. Begin by making a list of the things that must be done. Plan ahead to finish each task by the given deadlines and make sure to submit the work on time so that you can receive helpful feedback. 



Hand-in by Deadline

Submit the Following:

___ Select a topic.


Oct. 29th (Fri.)


“How the Parts Come Together”

Nov. 5th (Fri.)


“Topic Search” worksheets;

“Turning a Topic into a Project”

___ Research the topic.

Nov. 8th (Mon.)

“Research & Documentation”

Nov. 12th (Fri.)

“Documenting Sources”

___ Identify variables. (How do I plan a fair test?)

___ Write the starting question or purpose statement.

___ State the hypothesis.

Nov. 15th (Mon.)

“How do I plan a fair test?”

Nov. 19th (Fri)

“Beginning Your Experiment Plan”

___ Plan the procedure.

___ Write down a list of materials needed.

___ Find out what special science equipment/apparatus is available from the teacher.

___ Gather materials.

Nov. 22nd (Mon.)

“Materials List…”


Nov. 29th(Mon.)

“Planning the Procedure”

___ Create a data table on a computer using Numbers or Excel.

___ Begin the first experiment. Collect data and record it in your data table.

___ Complete the first experiment.

Nov. 29th (Mon.)

“Record Keeping”

“Staying on Schedule”

Dec. 3rd (Fri.)

Informal Journal or Lab Notebook (with collected data results)

___ Repeat the experiment. Collect data and record it in your data table.

___ Graph the data on a computer using Numbers or Excel.

Dec. 6th (Mon.)

“Using Graphs”

Dec. 10th (Fri.)

Informal Journal or Lab Notebook (with collected data results)

Completed graphs

___ Complete the Analysis (”Explaining the Results”).

___ Complete the Conclusion.

Dec. 13th (Mon.)

“Analysis & Conclusion”

Dec. 17th (Fri.)

“The Results and Conclusion”

___ Begin the written report.

___ Complete the research.

___ Complete the written report.

Dec. 17th (Fri.)

”The Written Report”

Jan. 10th(Mon.)

Final written report (printed)

___ Locate a display board.

___ Begin creating the display.

___ Finish section 1 of display board.

___ Finish section 2 of display board.

___ Finish section 3 of display board.

Jan. 10th (Wed.)

*In collaboration with DT department

Jan. 24th(Mon.)


Completed display board

___ Complete Evaluation.

Jan. 24th

“How do I write an Evaluation again?”

Jan. 28th

Final copy of Evaluation

___ Select items from experiment to display.

___ Practice presentation in front of a mirror.

___ Practice presentation with parents.

___ Practice presentation with friends.

Jan. 26th (Wed.)

”Tips for a Successful Presentation”

Feb. 7th (Mon.)

Practice presentation over Lunar Break

Completed display board and items;

Comment sheets from parents/friends

___ Set-up display and presentation items in auditorium

___ Practice open house with ES students

Feb. 14th – Feb. 17th


Completed display board and items


___ Do your best in presenting your experiment/project to the judges

___ Remember to HAVE FUN!

Feb. 14th

”What Are the Judges Thinking?”

Feb. 17th

Science Knights!

Your very best work!


[Table above is adapted from “Science Fair Projects: An Inquiry-Based Guide (Grades 5-8)” by Pamela J. Galus, published by Carson-Dellosa Publishing Company, Inc.., 2003]

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